How Do You Stack a Washer and Dryer?


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Stack a front-loading washer and dryer by ensuring the washer is level, removing the feet from the dryer, installing foam adhesive strips on the dryer, lifting the dryer on top of the washer and connecting the two appliances. Connect the vents, electrical cords and gas line to complete the job.

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  1. Ensure that the washer is level

    Use a carpenter's level to check if the washer is level from side to side. Adjust the front feet as necessary to level the unit. Tilt the machine forward a few inches, and slowly lower it so the rear feet adjust to the new level automatically. Check if it is level from front to back.

  2. Prepare the dryer

    Remove the feet from the bottom of the dryer. Apply foam adhesive strips to the bottom four sides of the dryer.

  3. Stack the units

    Have an assistant help you set the dryer on top of the washer. Align the appliances on all four edges.

  4. Connect the appliances

    Use the hardware in the kit that came with the units to connect the two appliances.

  5. Make the connections

    Attach the gas line to the dryer if it is a gas appliance. Connect the dryer to the vent using an approved connector. Plug the power cords into electrical outlets.

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