What Do You Do for a Squirrel in the Attic?


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Squirrels can be eliminated by installing bright lights or a radio in the attic. Leave the lights or radio on around the clock for at least one month after installing them to encourage squirrels to move.

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Some states and cities have ordinances that protect nesting squirrels. Check with local organizations to determine whether these laws affect the ability to deter, remove or rehome the squirrels in the attic. If the squirrels may be removed, begin the process by installing deterrents in the attic. Strobe lights, or other bright lights, and battery-operated radios help eliminate squirrels. Before installing the devices, make sure the attic is empty by banging on the ceiling rafters or making noise near the attic entrance.

Wait for at least one month after installing the deterrents, then check the attic to determine if the squirrels have moved. If no squirrels are present, remove the strobe light and other deterrents, and listen for signs of the animals before closing entrances to the attic. Close entrances permanently with metal flashing, and then repair any damage, such as holes chewed through insulation, that may lead to a reinfestation.

A mother squirrel doesn't abandon her young, making deterrents ineffective from February until March and from August until October. If the mother squirrel is observed removing young, wait several weeks before installing deterrents or closing entrances to the attic. Remove the squirrel's nest only after it has been abandoned.

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