How Do You Square a Building?


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The process of squaring a building involves marking the four corners of the foundation with posts after installing batter boards and strings along the foundation site and measuring the distance between opposing corners. When squaring a building, measure from right front corner to rear left corner, then measure from left front corner to right rear corner. The foundation is square when these measurements are equal in length.

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After locating a building site and determining the placement of the foundation, lay out building lines and batter boards. Use taut string to lay the building lines used to define the foundation dimensions, locate the building corners and mark the outside of the foundation and frame. Use batter boards to secure the string in place. These boards allow for quick and easy alterations to the foundation layout and dimensions during excavation.

Use a tape measure to measure and mark the outer corner of the building's foundation. Always measure the foundation of the building to the outside of the wall framing regardless of the type of framing used. Placing stakes or poles serves as a reference point for this outside corner. In addition to squaring the building, take measurements to ensure the foundation is plumb and level.

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