What Sprouting Supplies Do You Need to Start Growing Vegetables at Home?


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The sprouting supplies needed for growing vegetables at home may include containers, potting soil and labels. Covered seed trays are helpful for controlling moisture levels and ensuring that germinating seeds are less likely to suffer from adverse temperatures or disease. Clean seed containers using a diluted bleach solution and punch holes in the bottom of each compartment to facilitate drainage before lining the containers with newspaper and adding the potting mix or growing medium.

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After preparing the containers, mix and prepare the growing medium by placing it in a plastic bag filled with four parts water and one part potting soil. Squeeze the bag to dampen the medium and ensure an even consistency. Ensure the medium is damp but not soggy before filling the containers until the medium is 1/4th of an inch from the top. Adding a layer of sand to the containers may be helpful for seeds that require optimum drainage during germination and sprouting.

Sow the seeds in the prepared containers, covering each to a depth roughly three times the seed diameter. Sowing instructions may differ based on the type of seeds, so always refer to the seed packet directions prior to beginning the process. Label the containers with the type of seed, planting date and expected germination date. Add water until soil is moist but not saturated and cover the containers.

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