How Do I Sprout Nectarine Seeds?


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A tree you sprout from a nectarine seed does not always produce the same fruit as that from which the pit was gathered. The lack of fuzz from the nectarine is a recessive gene, so the trees often produce plain peaches. Sprouting a nectarine seed requires several months, and the tree does not produce new fruit for several years.

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  1. Choose locally grown fruit

    The seeds of locally grown fruit are more likely to thrive in your climate and produce fruit in your yard.

  2. Dry the pit

    Once you remove the fruit from the pit, place it in a warm, dry area. As the seed inside the pit begins to dry, it pulls away from the woody sides, making it easier to remove.

  3. Crack the pit

    Give the seed a head start by removing it from the pit. While the embryo is able to break the pit on its own, it takes a lot of energy. Remove the pit for better results.

  4. Chill the seed

    Stone fruits have natural enzymes in their seeds that prevent them from sprouting in the same season they form in, protecting young trees from frost. Cold weather or some time inside the refrigerator deactivates these enzymes so the seed can sprout.

  5. Plant the seed

    Once the seeds start to sprout and the danger of frost is over, plant them in the location where you want the trees to grow. Provide well-drained soil, and water the seeds frequently.

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