How Do You Spray Two-Pack Paint?

Two-pack paint should only be used in a paint booth in a controlled and professional setting, and the user needs to wear protective goggles and clothing, as well as an air-fed breathing apparatus. Two-pack paint leaves behind an invisible mist, which poses a health and safety risk to the user and those around the area.

To use two-pack paint in a professional auto body shop:

  1. Wear protective gear
  2. Anyone using the two-pack isocyanate paint needs to wear full-body protective gear, including gloves, goggles and an air-fed breathing apparatus. These masks supply outside air to the user, rather than filtering the air that is in the room.

  3. Use a spray booth
  4. Two-pack paint leaves behind an invisible paint mist that spreads throughout the room, creating a dangerous breathing environment for those present in the room. Two-pack paint should only be used inside a spray booth, and users should know the clearance time of the paint mist before reentering the room. For extra precaution, install a sensor that alerts users of the clearance time.

  5. Keep a negative pressure in the booth
  6. In the event of an air leak in the booth, the booth should draw outside air in, rather than force inside air out. This can be accomplished by keeping a slight negative pressure inside the booth.