How Do You Spray Paint a House?

How Do You Spray Paint a House?

To spray paint a house, inspect the exterior for any damage, clean the outside surfaces, make any necessary repairs, and mask off all areas that are not being painted, and then apply the pain. If you are painting wood, follow up the spraying with a roller to create a seal.

  1. Inspect the house

    Check for any water damage to the exterior of the house. Make note of any damaged shingles, siding or bricks.

  2. Clean the exterior

    Paint adheres best to a clean surface. Use a power washer to simplify this task. A power washer can remove dirt and loose paint. To avoid damaging your house, keep the wand moving due to the force of the water. If you have wood shingles, use a scraper instead of a power washer to remove paint and dirt.

  3. Make any repairs

    If the house needs any repairs, complete them before proceeding. If the house was painted, cover any bare spots with primer.

  4. Mask off unpainted surfaces

    Mask windows, doors and any other unpainted surfaces with painters tape and brown paper or plastic.

  5. Spray paint the house

    Once the house is properly prepared, apply the spray paint with a paint gun. Because a paint gun uses a lot of pressure, keep the wand moving to avoid damaging the house. If you are painting the trim a separate color, mask and paint it after completing the rest of the house.