How Do You Spray on a Clear Coat Base Coat?

Spray on a clear coat base coat by first sanding any rusty, scratched or irregular areas in the old paint, applying sufficient layers of primer to completely cover the old finish, and finally applying at least three coats each of both the base coat and clear coat. After applying the final clear coat layer and allowing it to dry completely, use a rubbing compound and electric buffer to bring out the final gloss finish.

Ensure an even finish by sanding the entire body with 300-grit wet sandpaper after applying the final primer coat. Wait at least 30 minutes after applying the final primer layer before sanding. After sanding, remove any dust or debris still clinging to the body using a tack cloth. A tack cloth is a rag soaked in a mild adhesive that removes fine debris particles from the vehicle's body without damaging the fragile finish.

Continue applying layers of base coat until the color is consistent and uniform over the vehicle's entire body. After each layer of base coat dries, remove any particles adhering to the surface using the tack cloth again.

Finish imperfections are common in at-home refinishing, particularly when using aerosols. Remove any of these imperfections by sanding with a 1500-grit or finer wet sandpaper followed by another application of rubbing compound.