How Do You Sponge Paint a Concrete Floor?


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Sponge painting a concrete floor involves several steps, including rolling the background color, applying the pattern with sponges and topping off the pattern with a sealant. The resulting effect has the potential to look like granite, bricks or tiles at a fraction of the cost.

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How Do You Sponge Paint a Concrete Floor?
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Painting from the darkest to the lightest color creates an effect with more depth that makes the room appear larger. Starting with the lightest and progressing to the darkest creates a floor that is less likely to show dirt and creates a more dramatic look.

The base coat requires a 24-hour drying time before applying the next coat with the sponge. The person applying the paint should wet sponges before dipping into the paint and use a consistent pressure while applying the paint in a random pattern. Each coat should be dry before applying the next. Once the project is finished, applying several coats of varnish protects the pattern.

For a brick or tile pattern, Martha Stewart suggests gluing several sponges that one cuts to size on a piece of plywood using craft glue. Once the glue is dry, the user applies paint to the pattern using a roller.

Before beginning this project, it is essential to ensure moisture is not seeping through the floor, especially if it is located below grade. Moisture coming through the floor renders this method inappropriate, according to DoItYourself.

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