What Is a Split Leaf Philodendron?


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A split-leaf philodendron is a tropical plant that can be grown indoors. Its other names are window leaf and swiss-cheese plant. The split-leaf philodendron has large leaves with splits that give them unusual texture. This plant is sensitive to temperatures below 60 degrees and grows well in medium lighting. Split-leaf philodendron is excellent for decorating indoor rooms.

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Split-leaf philodendron prefers medium lighting, so it's best located within 5 to 9 feet of the window, away from direct sunlight. Watering is only necessary when the soil in the container approaches dryness. The pot needs to be filled to the top to allow water to drain. In its native habitat, split-leaf philodendron uses the roots to climb trees and absorb nutrients. Its roots can be trained to climb a support or can be directed into the soil. Roots can be cut if in excess. The plant requires fertilization once in a month. A liquid organic fertilizer is the best to use for this tropical plant. Pests aren't common on split-leaf philodendron, but it's vital to watch out for pests, such as scale, spider mites and mealy bugs. The plant can be transferred to another pot if its current pot becomes too small to accommodate the roots.

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