How Do You Splice T-111 Siding?


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T-111 siding is made of plywood and often suffers rot due to moisture. Splicing a new piece to repair the damaged one is often a better solution than replacing the entire 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of material. Gather the needed materials, including a piece of T-111 for the patch, tape measure, circular saw, pry bar, electric drill and appropriate screws.

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  1. Cut the splice

    Use the tape measure to measure the area of the damage. Cut a patch at least 4 inches longer and 8 inches wider than the damaged area. The patch should provide enough overlap to align the lines in the existing siding with those in the patch.

  2. Attach the splice to the wall

    Cover the damaged area with the patch, aligning the vertical lines. Use four screws to hold it in place temporarily. Use a marker to outline the patch. Remove the patch and screws.

  3. Cut away the damaged materials

    Use a circular saw set to the depth of the siding to cut away the damaged material. Set the blade on the inside of the marker line as you cut. After cutting, use a pry bar to remove the damaged T-111 piece.

  4. Install the patch

    The patch now fits inside the hole you create. Move it into place and attach to the wall studs with screws. Use good quality caulk to seal the seams around the patch. Paint the new material to match the existing wall.

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