How Do I Splice Electrical Wires?

Electrical wires must first be stripped, then twisted together and covered with a wire nut in a junction box in order to be spliced together properly, according to Home Depot. Splicing joins two or more electrical wires together in order to make wires longer or to facilitate more outlets for electrical appliances in a room.

Before splicing electrical wires, turn the power off at the circuit box. Test the wires once the circuit breaker is flipped to ensure the power is off at the wire. Strip the wires about 1 inch by squeezing and twisting the wire stripper along each wire. The insulation should expose copper wire beneath it. Hold the wires with the stripped ends even with each other and twist them together. Cut off the wires to expose about 1/2 inch of copper wire outside the insulation. Wrap electrical tape around the bottom of the nut and wires for added protection against corrosion and fire.

Materials needed to splice electrical wires include a covered junction box, wire clamps, wire nuts, a wire stripper, pliers and gloves, according to Lee Wallender of Use a screwdriver with the appropriate screws so the junction box can attach properly to the wall, floor or ceiling. Only wires of the same gauge should be spliced together. Make sure to follow all local electrical codes when performing this project.