How Does a Splendide Washer-Dryer Work?


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Splendide vented washer-dryers work the same as other combination washer-dryers, agitating water in a drum that contains dirty clothes, draining the drum, and spinning the drum while forcing hot air over clothes, while the units dry clothes using condensation. Their ventless washer-dryers do not use heated air.

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Like a regular washer, a Splendide washer-dryer pours water into a drum full of clothes. The drum then tumbles the clothes and water, along with some user-added detergent, working the dirt out of any fabric. The washer then drains the soapy water into the main water supply. The Splendide washer-dryer spins clothes to expel water by use of centrifugal force.

At this point, the vented and ventless washer-dryers diverge in their process. The vented dryers suck air in with a central fan and then heat it with a central heating element. The fan sucks the air over the drum full of clothes, evaporating the moisture in the fabric and forcing the moisture-filled air out of a vent.

The ventless washer-dryers use cold water in an outer drum to draw the moisture out of the clothes through condensation. The dryer fills the outer drum with cold water, so the moisture condenses on the walls of the outer drum. Then the drum is drained and the process repeated.

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