What Specifications Should You Look for in a Water Heater?


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Specifications that consumers should look for when buying a new water heater include the heating source, size of heater and warranty terms. The make and model, functionality and the regulation controls are equally important.

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While an electric water heater uses heating elements, a gas water heater uses a burner, thus making the latter more expensive to operate. However, a gas heater is more efficient than its electric counterpart.

Alternatively, consumers can invest in a solar powered water heater. Although the initial buying and installation cost is higher, running costs are lower than other types of heaters. Unfortunately, the solar powered water heater may fail when there is no sunshine. Modern solar powered water heaters have an energy conserving battery.

When buying a heater, consumers should consider the number of people in their household. In a large household, a storage water heater is ideal. Here, water is heated and stored in an insulated tank until needed. Similarly, the size of the tank depends on the size of the household. Alternatively, consumers may invest in smaller water heaters that heat water at the point of need such as the kitchen sink. They are also referred to as tankless water heaters. Some heaters have timing features, which means users can program them to function during specific periods.

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