What Specifications Should You Look for When Buying a Flat Washer?


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The most important specification to consider when buying flat washers is their size, which determines whether they appropriately fit the specific thickness and length of a bolt onto which they’re placed. Other important specifications include the type, form and the intended application.

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Flat washers are normally placed onto bolts to keep them tight. Unlike spring and locking washers, which dig into and damage the surface of the items that are fastened together, flat washers distribute the load of the fastening and protect the surface. They are also used in cases where the hole has a larger diameter than its bolt. Depending on the type of the bolt that’s used, a flat washer can be custom tailored to its size.

The main purpose of washers is to maintain and secure the connection provided by nuts and bolts. When buying them online, shoppers should determine the exact type and number that they need. As of February 2015, the online store of the Fastenal Company lists more than 2,000 washers of different sizes and types. The stainless steel OD flat washers are the cheapest ones available with a cost of 1 cent per washer as of 215, whereas the most expensive unit is the brass large OD flat washer that costs 8 cents per piece.

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