What Are the Specifications of Klixon Thermal Switches?


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Klixon thermal switches use bimetal discs to detect a change in temperature mechanically and automatically cut off power to prevent overheating of equipment. Their 7AM Series operates within a temperature range of -60 to more than 500 degrees Fahrenheit. When too much electricity flows through the switch, it produces excess heat and causes the bimetal disc to snap open, breaking the current.

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Klixon's switches are used for protecting battery charger outputs and high-current battery packs. These switches are found in use with appliance electric motors, transformers, recessed lighting, fluorescent ballasts and battery packs.

The 7AM Series switches are capable of handling 16VDC and 20 amps in some conditions. The Motor Protector switch does have a contact rating of up to 22 amps. There are two options for voltage, 150 VAC and 250 VAC. The lifetime of these switches is about 10,000 cycles. After the switch breaks open from overheating, it resets itself automatically as it cools.

The switch is capable of withstanding corrosion for 48 hours at 95 degrees in a five percent saltwater solution. It can withstand humidity levels of 95 percent at 104 degrees for at least seven days, notes Sensata.com. The switches have also been shown to resist thermal shock from temperature extremes of -4 degrees and 302 degrees for 30 minutes of each in four separate cycles.

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