How Do You Find the Specifications for a Husqvarna Chainsaw?


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To find the specifications for a Husqvarna chainsaw, click the image link of the model on the chainsaw products’ page on Husqvarna.com, then scroll to the section labeled Specifications. Alternatively, the owner’s manual that comes with the chainsaw package contains the specifications for the product. To access a downloadable manual on the company’s website, click Manuals on the Web page displaying information about the model. Another option is to ask Husqvarna’s customer support to send you the specifications via email.

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Husqvarna provides extensive information about its products on its website, including specifications, features and dealers. The search feature at the top of the website offers a quick way of finding a product. The website also lists the company’s chainsaw products under the Chainsaw category on the products’ page. Clicking on a chainsaw model opens a page with the specifications.

The owner's manual for each Husqvarna chainsaw model has specifications for the product under the category Technical Data. Although the specifications depend on the model, they include common aspects of a chainsaw such as the engine, ignition system, fuel, weight and chain.

Husqvarna provides contacts for its customer support in the manuals and on its website. The company’s support personnel at the various dealers locations also offer information about the chainsaws. Visit a nearby dealer for the specifications if the website and manual do not solve your need.

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