What Are the Specifications for a Chicken-Laying Box?


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Chicken laying, also called chicken nesting, boxes have three sides with each side measuring at least 12 inches. The box should be big enough for the hen to stand comfortably.

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What Are the Specifications for a Chicken-Laying Box?
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Farmers or backyard chicken owners should keep the nesting boxes dry, clean and in a somewhat dark area. Chickens like to sit on wood shavings or straw. Farmers usually add a lip to the front of the box in order to keep the bedding materials and eggs from being pushed out of the box. The roof of the nesting box usually is sloped or angled so that the hen doesn?t sleep on top of the box, creating a mess. To keep the box as clean as possible, most chicken keepers raise their nesting boxes off the ground but not so high that the hen has difficulty jumping into it.

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