What Are the Specifications of Cat Skid Steer Loaders?


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Caterpillar offers seven models of skid steer loaders, including the 226B, 236D, 246D, 262D and 272D. The 226B includes specifications such as a 56.0 horsepower net flywheel power, a 61 horsepower gross power and a 1,600 pound rated operating capacity.

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Other specifications for the 226B skid steer loader include a 3,000 pound tipping load capacity, a 39-inch wheelbase and a 5,822 pound operating weight. The 226B model has a height of 146 inches and a maximum bucket pin height of 112 inches. The hydraulic power of the Caterpillar 226B skid steer loader measures 50.6 horsepower. The 226B model has a fuel tank capacity of 15.4 gallons and a hydraulic tank capacity of 9.2 gallons.

The 272D skid steer loader model has more gross horse power than the 226B, measuring at 98 horsepower. The 272D loader is 159.9 inches tall, weighs 3,200 pounds and has a tipping load capacity of 6,400 pounds, making it slightly larger than the 226B model.

The largest model of Caterpillar skid steer loaders is the 272D XHP, measuring 161.4 inches tall and weighing 9,137 pounds. The 272D XHP has a wheelbase of 54.6 inches and a tipping load capacity of 7,400 pounds. All models of Caterpillar skid steer loaders include standard electrical and mechanical operating equipment.

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