What Are Some Species of Yellow Bushes and Shrubs?


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Witch hazel, Brushfield's yellow camellia, Admiral Semmes azaleas, Sungold butterflybush, Aurea Cape honeysuckle and gold angels' trumpets are some species of shrubs and bushes that produce a yellow bloom. Each of these bushes and shrubs blooms in varying shades of yellow and produces flowers on a seasonal basis.

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Witch hazel and Brushfield's yellow camellia bloom during the winter months. Both are large shrubs growing up to 12 feet tall. Witch hazel is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 5 through 9, while Brushfield's yellow camellia prospers in zones 7 through 9.

Admiral Semmes azaleas offer a vibrant unfurling of flowers in the early spring. Thriving in zones 5 to 9, these azaleas are large, growing between 10 and 15 feet tall. They prefer partial shade and have showy, fragrant blooms.

Sungold butterflybush blooms in the summer and is an upright shrub with blue-green leaves. The yellow blooms attract birds and butterflies with their bright color. The shrub is hardy in zones 6 through 10.

Area Cape honeysuckle and gold angels' trumpets produce blooms in the spring, summer and fall. These three-season blossoms are hardy in warmer areas of the United States and add a tropical twist to the landscape.

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