What Special Tools Are Required for Greek Cooking?


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Olive oil, honey and coffee are all commonly-used items in Greek cooking, so an olive oil can, honey dipper and briki are all special utensils that can make Greek cooking a little easier. Vegetables and cheese are staples in Greek cooking, and many recipes include one-pot meals, so a large pot is another essential item for Greek cooking.

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Some utensils that can be helpful in Greek cooking include:

  • Baking pans: Breakfast pastries, pies and desserts are all prevalent in Greek cooking, so metal baking pans and pie tins are helpful to have on-hand.
  • Pastry brush: Pastries, vegetables and meats are commonly brushed with butters and oils, and a pastry brush allows for easy application.
  • Honey dipper: Many desserts in Greece are drizzled with honey, so a honey dipper is a great tool to have for Greek cooking.
  • Briki: A briki is a metal coffee pot that is used on the stove top, and these pots are traditionally made from copper and feature a long handle.
  • Souvlaki skewers: Souvlaki skewers are used to cook meats and vegetables, and the steel varieties offer a reusable option for the kitchen.
  • Large pots and pans: Greek recipes typically make large amounts at once, so large pots and pans are essential to have enough room to make everything.
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