What Special Skills Are Needed to Repair a Bathtub Faucet?


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The skills needed to repair a bathroom faucet are basic ones, including the knowledge of how to turn off the water supply to the bathtub, dismantle the faucet and the ability to handle small parts, according to DIY advice. It is easier to repair than to replace a faucet.

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Most repair issues concerning bathroom faucets revolve around faucet leaks. DIY advice suggests that most of these leaks can be repaired simply by changing washers within the faucet. The washer is placed in the faucet to sit against the seat or steam of the faucet to create a seal that prevents water from escaping the system anywhere but at the faucet opening. Some repairs may require the changing of a faucet seat or steam as well.

As for special skills required to repair the faucet, the water supply must be shut off at the bathtub or by shutting off the water main, to avoid water escaping from the pipes when the stems are taken off. Instructions for dismantling the faucet are generally available from the faucet manufacturer. Though the size of bathroom faucets is larger than that of faucets for sinks, many of the parts are still small enough to require a bit of dexterity in removal and replacement.

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