What Are Special Features of the Family Size 1300-Watt Microwave by Panasonic?


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Special features of the family size 1300-watt microwave by Panasonic include inverter technology for evenly cooked food, turbo defrost for faster defrosting, and an option to keep food warm without overcooking. The one-touch sensor calculates cooking time automatically, while the quick minute feature adds time to ongoing sessions.

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The Panasonic family size 1300-watt microwave is designed using inverter technology that cooks food fast and evenly. Using this technology, this microwave ensures that foods are well-cooked on the inside, without burning or over-cooking the surface. The 1300-watt motor delivers substantial power to the microwave, considerably reducing cooking times.

This microwave is also equipped with the turbo defrost feature that circulates hot energy in the oven for faster defrosting. It is also pre-installed with a feature that allows users to keep stews, soups and other foods warm until serving time without overcooking or changing the flavor.

The one-touch sensor detects food type and calculates the amount of time needed to cook automatically. The sensors also adjust power levels to suit different food types, thus saving energy. With a number of preset cooking options, users can use this microwave to cook a wider variety of dishes. The multi-lingual touch-screen display is user-friendly and suitable for users from different backgrounds. Users can easily add more time to ongoing cooking sessions via the quick minute feature.

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