What Are Special Features of Dyson Heating and Cooling Fans?


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Special features of Dyson heating and cooling fans include the use of the Air Multiplier technology for faster heating and user friendly displays for easy setting adjustment. The fans use heat sensors to detect room temperature and reduce energy use, and they automatically switch off if tipped over.

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The Air Multiplier feature is one of the unique features on Dyson heating and cooling fans. The fan draws air to the base of the unit and accelerates it using the 2.5mm aperture, then amplifies it before circulating it into the room. This makes it possible for the fan to heat a room evenly in a matter of minutes.

For cooling purposes, the fan uses its ability to draw in 6 gallons of air per second to circulate air in the room and create a cooling effect. Dyson heating and cooling fans do not have any blades, making them safer than conventional fans. Users can easily set desired temperatures on the fan's display, increasing the unit's ability to meet users specific needs.

A Dyson heating and cooling fan is controlled via its included remote. The remote lets users turn the unit on and off and adjust temperature and airflow. The touch-tilt option allows the fan to tilt on its base, making it possible to direct airflow to different parts of the room.

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