How Do You Spackle a Ceiling Using a Joint Compound?

To spackle a ceiling with joint compound, mask the ceiling, mix the compound, roll it on and stipple it. This one-day process conceals minor flaws in drywall. The required supplies are masking tape, drop cloths, newspaper, joint compound, a drill, a roller, a paint tray, a stepladder and a brush.

  1. Mask the walls and floor

    Clear the room of furniture and area rugs. Mask the upper 8 inches of the surrounding walls with newspaper and masking tape. Cover the floor and other surfaces with drop cloths.

  2. Thin the joint compound with water

    Open the tub of joint compound, and stir it with a drill fitted with a paddle attachment. Add water in small amounts until the compound has no lumps and resembles pancake batter. Pour some of the compound into a paint tray.

  3. Apply the compound

    Set a stepladder in one corner of the room, load a paint roller with the thinned joint compound and apply it to a 6-foot square area.

  4. Stipple the ceiling

    Prime the stippling brush by pressing it into the roller, and then push the bristles into the wet ceiling. Do not pull or push the brush. Repeat rolling and dabbing the ceiling in 6-foot sections. Prime the brush before you begin stippling each section.