How Do You Spackle?


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To spackle a wall, tap the hole with a hammer, scoop up some spackle with a putty knife, put it in the depression, let it dry, sand the spackle, and paint it. This three-hour process requires a hammer, spackle, a putty knife, a sanding sponge, paint and a paint brush.

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  1. Tap the hole with a hammer

    Tap the hole very gently with a hammer to form an even depression in the wall.

  2. Fill the hole

    Put a small amount of spackle on the tip of a putty knife, and work it into the hole. Flatten the spackle with the side of the knife, apply more spackle, and flatten it again. Wait for the spackle to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Feel the hole

    Run a finger over the dried spackle. If you feel a slight depression, add a second coat of spackle, and wait for it to dry.

  4. Sand the spackle

    Sand the dried spackle with a sanding sponge until it is level with the surrounding wall. Run your hand over the spackle. If the surface feels rough, keep sanding. If you accidentally sand it too much, fill the depression with spackle, let it dry, and sand the wall again.

  5. Paint the repair

    Paint over the dried, sanded spackle.

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