What Are Some Spacing Tips for Planting Corn?


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Some spacing tips when planting corn include spacing each plant 6 inches apart in a single row and keeping the rows 2 1/2 to 3 feet apart. To ensure that each plant gets pollinated, plant them in four short rows forming blocks.

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Before spacing out the corn plants or seeds, make sure that the soil is loamy and well-drained, amending it with compost or manure to improve the drainage. Only plant the seeds once the soil reaches 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Plant the corn seeds in 1-inch-deep holes spaced apart properly. Fertilize, and water the plants immediately after planting.

After the seeds have germinated and grown to a height of 4 inches, thin them so that the remaining plants have at least 8 inches of space. Mulch around the plants to keep the soil moist and inhibit weed growth. Water the plants regularly. Pull any weeds as they appear, making sure not to accidentally pull up a corn plant or damage the shallow roots.

Once the tassels or silk growing on the top of an ear of corn turns from golden colored to brown, pluck of the corn cob by pulling it down and twisting simultaneously. If desired, store or freeze for later consumption.

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