What Are Some Sources for Viewing Factory Wiring Diagrams?


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Some online sources for viewing factory wiring diagrams include How-to-wire-it.com and Panasonic.net. These Web pages feature electrical wiring guides of various building structures that vary in size and performance, as of 2016.

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How-to-wire-it.com provides a list of categories for electrical wiring that include houses, garden lights, trailers, computers, outlets, thermostats, relays and ceiling fans. Diagrams on the site are well-labeled and explained with clear arrows directing the flow of energy in the systems. The photo images of these factory wiring systems are clear with various color codes to show the various electrical terminals. The site also features diagrams of two-way, three-way and four-way switches used in most electronic products.

Panasonic.net allows the visitor to view samples of factory wiring diagrams under the electrical construction material category. He can also enter the keyword of a search requirement and have the site generate the relevant results. The page features a factory flexible wiring system that allows for less installation space, easy maintenance, low operation costs and shorter installation periods. The factory wiring diagrams provided indicate the product line-up, for instance, number one shows the trolley ducts as used in the wiring system; number two the insulated trolley system, and number three shows factory line systems.

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