What Are Sources for Replacement Parts to Fix an Outdoor Boiler Furnace?

What Are Sources for Replacement Parts to Fix an Outdoor Boiler Furnace?

Outdoor boiler furnace replacement parts can be purchased through Anderson's Outdoor Wood Furnace, Abbott's Boiler Parts, Alternative Heating & Supplies, RSI Boilers and Outdoor Furnace Supply. As of March 2015, many of these websites specialize in specific brands of outdoor boiler parts, and some offer used parts for sale.

Anderson's Outdoor Wood Furnace stocks heat exchangers, insulated PEX pipe and circulation pumps. Other boiler parts available include boiler mixing valves and boiler burning fans.

Abbott's Boiler Parts sells replacement parts for Shaver outdoor boiler furnaces. Parts available include heat exchangers, hydrocoil kits, radiant heat hookup fittings and shut-off valves. The website provides boiler and hydronic installation diagrams along with diagrams to assist customers when hooking up outdoor boilers to pools, spas and hot tubs.

Alternative Heat Supply carries at least 40 different replacement parts for outdoor boiler furnaces. Most parts can be delivered via same-day shipping.

RSI Boilers specializes in replacement parts for Nature's Comfort and Brute Force outdoor boiler furnaces. Inventory includes hanging heaters, in-floor heat manifolds, hair handlers, valves and fittings. RSI Boilers also offers customers the option of purchasing used boiler parts at a discounted price.

Outdoor Furnace Supply sells 20 replacement parts for outdoor boiler furnaces including water-to-air heat exchangers, boiler water pumps and PEX insulated piping. The website offers customers free shipping on orders of $99 or more.