What Are Sources for Reclaimed Lumber for Home Construction?

What Are Sources for Reclaimed Lumber for Home Construction?

Reclaimed wood can come from a variety of sources, including deconstructed buildings, shipping and boatyards, schools, old barns and salvage yards. Reclaimed wood can be used in a variety of projects, from flooring to mantels to trim, and the restoration process of reclaimed wood makes it an ideal material for many different uses.

Reclaimed wood works well in a variety of areas in a home, as older wood is already seasoned, stable, dry and environmentally friendly. There are many sources for reclaimed wood, and many states run recycling programs that offer resources for finding and purchasing reclaimed wood for construction.

Old barns

Old barns are great resources for worn and weathered wood, beams and doors. Properties that have existing barns should be sought out, or individual owners contacted to inquire about purchasing materials.

Shipping and boatyards

Wood can be salvaged from shipping crates and retired boats, and teak is especially durable and works well for furniture pieces.


Old bleachers and gym floors can be salvaged and re-purposed, so schools are a great resource, especially during remodels.

Salvage yards

Some businesses and people deal in salvaged goods, so a salvage yard or a specialty buyer is likely to have salvaged pieces on-hand for purchase.

There are many different avenues available for purchasing reclaimed wood, and keeping an eye out for potential sources when working on a project is helpful. Quantities are limited with salvaged pieces, so it is important to consider how much wood the project needs before making a purchase.