What Are Sources for Parts to Refurbish a Napoleon Wood Stove?


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Replacement parts for Napoleon wood stoves can be purchased online at Ereplacementparts.com and Mountain View Hearth Products. Ereplacementparts.com offers parts for numerous EPA series models, and a lesser number of parts for NP and other models. Mountain View Hearth Products has parts for various models.

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Refurbishing a Napoleon wood stove often requires finding intricate parts such as a door hinge pin, or an ash pan handle. Prominent parts, such as an upper glass retainer, are also available. Parts can be purchased for numerous Napoleon designs, including High Country, Pedestal and Timberwolf.

Once a wood stove is refurbished, it can last a long time when users take steps to maintain its condition. Wood stoves are designed to burn natural wood, and not other fuel sources such as artificial logs or coal. Users should avoid burning fuels that contain lead, plastic, zinc or sulfur, which pose a risk to the stove's combustor. The ideal fuel for this type of stove is seasoned wood.

Small, hot fires provide a good source of heat. Excess ashes should always be removed to keep the stove's air-intake vents clear. Installing a stack thermometer in the stove allows for easy monitoring of smoke pollution, which happens when the heat is over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. A clean burning stove produces minimal smoke.

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