What Are Some Sources for Objective Reviews on Viking Microwaves?


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Objective, unbiased reviews of Viking microwave ovens can be found at Consumer Reports and Reviewed.com. As of 2015, Consumer Reports has tested and reviewed two Viking microwave models, while Reviewed.com provides reviews for 11 Viking units. Both organizations are independent, and neither of them accept advertising from any manufacturers.

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Consumer Reports provides reviews for two Viking microwaves models, the D3 Series RDMOR200SS and the VMOR205[SS]. Both units are over-the-range models and feature built-in cooktop ventilation, stainless steel exteriors and digital controls. The 11 microwaves tested and reviewed by Revewed.com include countertop and over-the-range models in a variety of styles, configurations and finishes.

Both Consumer Reports and Reviewed.com rigorously test all products that they review, using their own test facilities and technicians. Products are carefully selected prior to testing according to strict guidelines, and final reviews are subjected to a detailed editing and approval process. Consumer Reports and Reviews.com take pride in working for and empowering the consumer in the decision-making process.

Viking manufactures a wide variety of kitchen appliances, including microwaves, ranges, stand mixers and refrigerators for residential use. The company's products are designed and engineered for home chefs who want professional-grade or professional-looking equipment and appliances for their kitchens.

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