What Are Some Sources With Handmade Quilts for Sale?

What Are Some Sources With Handmade Quilts for Sale?

Etsy, QuiltBroker.com and Amish Country Quilts all sell handmade quilts. Rocky Mountain Quilts sells antique handmade quilts. Quilt shows are another way to find and purchase handmade quilts.

Etsy is an online marketplace where individuals sell their craft items. Handmade quilts are available in traditional and modern styles; vintage quilts are also available. Reviews on each vendor provide assurance of the seller's reliability. QuiltBroker.com is an online store through which American quilters sell their quilts.

Amish Country Quilts is a store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, that also sells handmade quilts online. Amish and Mennonite women make the quilts, which are durable and colorfast for everyday use. Traditional simple Amish patterns in muted colors are available, but the women also use bright colors and techniques such as applique for other quilts.

Rocky Mountain Quilts offers each antique quilt on approval, so the buyer can view it at home. Each quilt comes with a provenance and a guarantee as to condition and value. Customers may also visit the store in York Village, Maine.

Quilt shows commonly feature vendor exhibits of quilts for sale. Festivals-and-Shows.com offers a calendar of quilt shows around the United States and also a list of vendors.