What Are Some Free Sources for Custom Home Plans?

Individuals seeking custom home plans can utilize free sources online, such as Pinterest.com or DreamHomeSource.com, for ideas on exterior and interior features of a home. Websites of some contractors and home builders also feature sample home plans that can be customized to meet the home owner's needs.

Websites such as HomeStyler.com and FloorPlanner.com feature tools for potential home buyers to customize their own plans for free. These online resources allow users to drag and drop windows, doors and rooms into the customized plan and designate walls that are curved, L-shaped or square. Users can also determine paint colors for walls, insert fireplaces and change the shape of interior or exterior walls while designing a free custom home plan online. The finalized plans can be viewed in a 3-D format and shared with friends and family members on social media or via e-mail.

Home builders may also create custom plans for free for potential buyers to gain business or interest in their services currently or in the future. Builders often subscribe to software that allows them to design a home, change specifications and factor in needs of the home buyer, such as wood flooring, vinyl siding, fireplaces, exterior brick work and multiple garages.