What Are Some Sources of Bulk Wood Pellets?


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Many home improvement stores such as Home Depot, Lowe's, Menard's and even Tractor Supply Company sell 40-pound bags of wood pellets. There are also several places that deliver pellets to a home or business. These are often by the truck-load or by the ton. They can be found online, but they may not service all areas.

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The bagged pellets can be bought and stored on a pallet. A customer only buys what he has space to store and then buys more as needed. However, if the pellets are stored far from the pellet stove, hauling the bags to where they are needed may be difficult.

The pellets that are delivered are loose, so there is no bag to haul and dispose. The drawback to the delivered pellets is that they require a sizable storage space. Many people use a silo or bin for storage, although some distributors may supply a storage sack for a fee. Pellets can be collected in a bucket, which reduces the weight to be carried long distances. Some storage systems also come with the ability to deliver the pellets to the stove as needed. Unfortunately, many of the companies that deliver pellets only service their local areas.

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