What Are Some Sources for Free Build-Your-Own Trebuchet Plans?


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Web sources for free trebuchet plans include Hila.WebCentre.ca, Medieval.MrUgala.net and StormTheCastle.com. The Hila Trebuchet is built using small pieces of wood, string, duct tape, screws and weights such as pennies or washers. It is designed for throwing small soft projectiles such as bean bags or rubber balls.

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Medieval Mr Ugala's trebuchet is a 30 inch tall trebuchet designed for tossing tennis balls. The counter weight consists of a coffee can full of rocks.

StormTheCastle's trebuchet, known as the Little Dragon Trebuchett, has a base length of 12 inches and a swinging arm that is 16inches. The pivot point uses the axle from a toy car, and it is put together with screws or nails, and glue.

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