What Sources Are Available for Wholesale Coin-Operated Washing Machines?


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Sources of wholesale coin-operated washing machines include Wholesale Commercial Laundry S.E., LLC, AC Power Company and LaundryDealer.com. These vendors also sell replacement parts, peripherals and other types of laundry equipment.

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The flagship product sold by Wholesale Commercial Laundry S.E., LLC, is the Express Laundry Center, an appliance suite of several coin-operated laundry machines that each wash and dry clothing in one hour. In addition to the machines, clients receive marketing products and customer service consultations. The company also sells individual coin-operated laundry machines. Wholesale Commercial Laundry employs ecologically responsible manufacturing methods that minimize waste and pollution.

LaundryDealer.com sells new, used and refurbished laundry equipment, including coin-operated machines. The website connects customers with manufacturers, dealers and laundry professionals throughout the world, and allows users to read and review products and merchants.

AC Power Company sells several brands of coin-operated washing machines, including Electrolux. These machines have an automatic weighing system that adjusts the water level according to the load size. They also offer premium features such as variable time-of-day pricing, voice control and text message alerts. The text messaging feature allows customers to request a notification when their loads are done, and which alerts the machine owner when the coin box is full.

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