How Do You Soundproof a Wall?

How Do You Soundproof a Wall?

How Do You Soundproof a Wall?

Soundproof a wall by adding another layer of drywall to the existing wall. Gather enough drywall to cover the wall, hat channels cut to the length of the wall, and insulation. Drywall screws, drywall mud, a putty knife and a drill are also needed to complete the job.

  1. Attach hat channels to the wall

    Using the drill, screw the hat channels to the wall at even distances all the way up the wall.

  2. Insert insulation

    Measure the wall from top to bottom using a tape measure, and cut the insulation to that measurement. Place the insulation between the hat channels and the existing drywall.

  3. Attach the drywall

    Use the same measurements for the insulation, cut the drywall to size. Then use the drill to screw the drywall to the hat channels.

  4. Finish the drywall

    Use the putty knife to apply drywall mud to the nails. Scrape off the excess, and sand it down with fine sand paper, or an electric sander with fine sand paper attached on a low setting.

  5. Paint the drywall

    After the nails are no longer visible and the wall is completely flush, tape off the floor and ceiling. Paint the wall, or apply your choice of wall covering.