How Do You Soundproof a Room With Curtains?

How Do You Soundproof a Room With Curtains?

According to Sarine Fox of Noise Help, curtains can provide a minimal level of soundproofing for a room as long as the curtains used are designed for the task. Normal heavy drapery does not do the trick, as they only absorb some of the sound, reducing echoing in the room. Heavily massed specialty curtains can actually stop the sound from passing through.

  1. Obtain speciality soundproofing curtains

    Purchase curtains designed specifically for soundproofing. Check the sound transmission class ratings of the curtains to determine their effectiveness. Soundproofing curtains contain a layer of material sandwiched between two curtain panels that blocks the sound. Obtain curtains with a sound transmission class rating between 25 and 33. On the lower end of the rating scale, the soundproofing is about as effective as a pane of glass, while higher rated curtains provide the same level of sound blocking as a piece of uninsulated drywall.

  2. Hang heavy tracking for the curtains

    Screw or nail heavy tracking to the walls or ceiling of the area that needs soundproofing. The weight of soundproofing curtains can be as much as 2.5 pounds per square foot, which requires a strong base to hang from to prevent sagging or falling. Surround the soundproofed area with the tracking, covering all surfaces where sound is to be blocked from passing trough.

  3. Attach the curtains to the tracking

    Hang the curtains from the tracking, making sure that each curtain covers the entire space from ceiling to floor. Use multiple curtains on areas that require openings so that the material can be slid apart to allow for access.