How Do You Soundproof a Room?

How Do You Soundproof a Room?

To soundproof a room, insulate and caulk outlet boxes, add weatherstripping to doors and windows, and repair cracks in the room's walls. Fill in gaps between the floorboards, and install storm windows.

  1. Insulate and caulk outlet boxes

    Turn off the electricity to the room. Remove the face plates from the outlet boxes and light switches. Cover each box with a foam insulator designed for electrical boxes. Reattach the face plates. Apply white painter's caulk around the edges of the face plates.

  2. Add weatherstripping to windows

    Wash and dry the edges of the windows. Cut adhesive-backed weatherstripping to the length needed for one edge of the window. Remove the backing paper, and press the strips into place. Weatherstrip all of the windows' edges.

  3. Place weatherstripping under doors

    Install twin-fin silicone door sweeps at the bottom of the doors. Choose sweeps designed for the type of doors in the room.

  4. Repair drywall cracks

    Fill any cracks in the walls with white painter's caulk. Paint the caulk to match the walls.

  5. Fill gaps between floorboards

    If you have older hardwood floors, fill in gaps between the boards with wood filler. Sand the wood filler until smooth.

  6. Install storm windows

    Install storm windows that are designed to reduce sound flow. Leave a large area between the regular windows and the storm windows to increase the sound insulation.