How do you soundproof apartment walls?


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Soundproof apartment walls by finding ways to increase the mass between the two apartment units. Mass absorbs sound, so look for easy-to-install and removable systems such as bookshelves, drapes or other materials that block sound. Adding sound-absorbing acoustic tiles is also helpful.

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The lease often limits what an apartment dweller can do to reduce sound in his home. Landlords usually do not allow permanent solutions to the problem, such as adding more insulation or additional layers of drywall to stop the sound transmissions. However, bookshelves are temporary and effective means of isolating the sound. Load the shelves with books to increase the effectiveness. If you do not have enough books, purchase more at yard sales or in lots online for an inexpensive fix.

Installing heavy wall-to-wall drapes along the shared wall is another way to break up the sound. The offset the curtain rod provides leaves a dead-air space between the two units. Adding more layers of fabric between the wall and the occupied space increases the effectiveness of the solution. When it is time to move, remove the drapery rods and brackets, and fill any remaining screw holes.

If sound is coming through the front door, adding sound-blocking weatherstripping helps to reduce it. Heavier drapes block outside noise that comes through windows.

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