What Sort of Shears or Scissors Should You Use for Plant Trimming?


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The best tool for trimming plants is a pair of pruning shears, according to Garden Products Review. Three styles are available, depending on the type of plant to be trimmed.

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Bypass shears are ideal for precision work, anvil shears are best for dead wood and ratchet shears are perfect for thicker branches. Bypass shears work like a pair of scissors, with two sharp blades passing by each other, hence the name "bypass." Anvil shears operate by having one sharp blade that closes onto a flat surface called an "anvil." These are bulkier than bypass shears, so they are often less precise but more robust. Ratchet shears are a type of large anvil shears with a ratchet mechanism to cut through thick branches in several squeezes of the handles. Pruning shears are also known as pruners and secateurs.

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