What Sort of Products Does Yield House Furniture Make?

What Sort of Products Does Yield House Furniture Make?

Yield House Furniture makes distressed pine furniture, wallpaper, hardware and home decorations. This manufacturer's popular items include beds, armoires, entertainment centers, cabinets and benches. Yield House also produces accessories, such as magazine racks and stools.

Yield House's flagship products are its pine furniture items, which are available in over 20 colors. Many items may be customized with the customer's choice of paint and colored glaze. All Yield House furniture is made in the United States.

One of Yield House's most distinctive product lines is the Pine Cone collection, which includes furniture decorated with painted and carved pine cones. Items in the Pine Cone line include the Bradford Cupboard, Panel Bed, Pinecone Tavern Bed and the intricately carved Pine Cone Tissue Box. The Pine Cone collection also includes mantels, mirrors, peg shelves and end tables.

In addition to furniture, Yield House manufactures an extensive line of kitchen hardware and accessories. Products in this category include kitchen hardware, throw rugs, kitchen cabinets, stoneware and framed prints. Yield House also makes kitchen sinks, mats, electrical switch plates and table lamps.

Yield House produces a large variety of tapestries and framed prints in the "country kitchen" style. Popular designs include fruits and vegetables, nature scenes, lighthouses, quilt patterns and domestic scenes.