What Sort of Products Are in the Gardener's Eden Catalog?

Gardener's Eden is no longer available as of 2015, but it specialized in sales of hard-to-find gardening equipment, furnishings, plants and outdoor decor. Toward the end of its run, the catalog also featured general home decor items.

Gardener's Eden was started by Ruth Owades in an effort to provide specialty gardening equipment to amateur horticulturalists. The catalog offered supplies not easily acquired elsewhere, as well as outdoor living items such as garden decor and furnishings.

Williams-Sonoma eventually bought the company in the 1980s, and it was sold to Brookstone in 1999. In 2005, the catalog, Gardener's Eden retail stores and the brand's website were discontinued.

Lagging sales were the primary reason for the brand's discontinuation. Since they specialized in outdoor products, off seasons were not profitable. Business insiders report that the catalog maintained losses throughout most of the year. Additionally, many of the products they carried, such as furnishings and lawn statues, were expensive to ship and required excessive use of warehouse space.

While the catalog began as a retailer for specialty gardening items, it began selling home decor, personal care items, linens and table decor. The addition of more generalized items may have hurt sales by diluting the brand.