What Sort of Objects Do Antique Malls Sell?


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There are a wide variety of items sold at antique malls such as antique furniture, vintage clothing, jewelry, books and military memorabilia. The specific types of objects will vary depending on the location of the antique mall. For example, in some areas of the country, shabby-chic might be popular, while perhaps not so much in others.

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When a person is shopping at an antique mall, he or she can expect to find a number of different objects for sale, usually from a variety of vendors. One general rule of thumb is that unless a vendor is an expert in a specific genre of antique, the stall in the antique mall will most likely contain a little bit of everything.

The stock in the mall is usually obtained from a variety of sources including estate sales, auctions, flea markets and garage sales. This means items can range from very high-end to the other, not-so-expensive end of the spectrum. Antique jewelry, for example, is a popular item at many antique malls. Beautiful pieces such as jeweled bracelets, diamond rings or pendant necklaces can be found for what many consider a bargain price. For those who are interested in America's military history, an antique mall may offer some unique items. Old photographs, uniforms and sometimes even military weapons are just a few items that can be found.

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