How Does Someone Troubleshoot a Bryant Furnace?

Set the thermostat to "Cool" and then check to ensure that the blower motor in the furnace is working. The blower motor should ideally be running. If the motor is not running, check the On/Off switch to ensure that it is in the "On" position.

The furnace blower circulates the cool or warm air into the home. If the blower appears to be running but is still not sending warm air, check the heat pump to make sure that it is working. Go over all the switches to ensure that they are in the correct "On" position. This includes the circuit breakers for the house as well as the outdoor unit disconnect switch.

If the furnace is powered but sending out cold air, check the thermostat settings. The "Cool" position sends out cold air while the "Hot" position sends out hot air. Check the furnace filter. Bryant recommends that owners regularly change their air filter monthly or once every six months, depending on the model, to ensure the best operation. Not all units require a replacement. Some Bryant filters are designed to be reusable and can be restored by washing. If the Bryant furnace is still not functioning properly, it may be best to call for a professional.