How Does Someone Get Rid of Mushrooms on a Lawn?


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To get rid of mushrooms in the lawn, pick them or mow the are they are in as soon as they appear, then aerate the lawn to improve drainage and prune trees to increase sunlight exposure for the lawn. Although fungicides can eliminate fungal infections on plants, they do not get rid of mushrooms growing in a lawn.

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Mushrooms are not dangerous for a lawn. They are considered an unsightly blight on the grass, however, which is why most homeowners want to eliminate them.

  1. Pick newly-sprouted mushrooms
  2. Pick the mushrooms as soon as they appear above the surface of the turf. Homeowners can pick them by hand (using gloves if preferred) or mow over them with a lawn mower. This might prevent the mushrooms from spreading spores that create additional mushroom colonies in other areas of the lawn.
  3. Aerate the lawn
  4. An aerator chops up compacted soil to permit better drainage. Since most mushroom colonies start because of excess moisture in the earth, aeration decreases the potential for mushroom activity by allowing the turf to drain faster. Additionally, homeowners should avoid overwatering their lawn. Infrequent deep soaking is preferable to frequent, short-lived watering.
  5. Prune trees and other plants
  6. When precipitation increases, lawns often become saturated. Sun exposure helps promote healthy growth and decreases the formation of mushroom colonies. Homeowners can prune their trees and other large plants so sunlight reaches the lawn.
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