How Does Someone Remove Spray Paint From Wood?

someone-remove-spray-paint-wood Credit: bminer/Moment/Getty Images

Removing spray paint from wood can be a simple process involving sanding or a medium-sized project using chemicals depending on whether the entire wood will be painted to cover the affected area, or a little effort will be employed to restore the wood to its original state. There are various ways of removing the spray paint from wood, some of which include sanding, use of paint remover and repainting.

When sanding is employed as an option of removing spray paint from wood, the area covered by the spray paint is of utmost importance in determining the type of sander to be used. For a small area of spray paint, a simple palm sander is suitable while for a larger area, an orbital sander is the best.

Using a paint remover requires more effort than sanding, but the texture of the wood is preserved. There are a variety of eco-friendly paint removers and thinners in the market that can be used to remove spray paint from wood. Most of these products come with a manual that gives directions on how to apply the remover.

If restoring the original state of the wood is not important, repainting can be a good option. There are a variety of brands of wood paints with different colors in the market, and the closest color to the spray paint should be chosen.