How Does Someone Patch Intex and Other Vinyl Pools?

Intex pools can be repaired by using vinyl pool repair kits, which include an adhesive and a piece of vinyl that can be cut to fit the tear size, in order to reduce waste. Many of these kits include glue that can be used above or below the water, so that the pool can be fixed without having to empty it.

To use the repair kit, the user should cut the vinyl patch to the right size, leaving about 2 inches on all sides around the area that will cover the tear and then round off the corners of the patch. The area in the pool where the patch will be placed needs to be cleaned in order to remove debris or grime. The user can then apply the glue to the patch and fold it over, smearing the glue all over the patch.

If the tear is above the water, the user can apply it to the tear in the pool, rubbing the patch from the center, outwards. Rubbing the patch is important to get rid of any air bubbles. Next, the user should hold the patch on for a few minutes until the patch holds. If the patch is below the water, the user should keep the patch folded until it can be unfolded under the water and then apply it in the same way.