How Does Someone Keep Wasps Away From Their Home?

How Does Someone Keep Wasps Away From Their Home?

Since wasps are attracted by odors, reducing or eliminating sources of smells, and in particular the smell of foods, is an effective way of keeping them at bay. When outdoors, avoiding perfumes and other scented personal care products is a good way of avoiding contact with wasps.

Many wasps are omnivorous and are generally searching for food. If encountered outdoors, it is important to avoid swatting or waving them off or any sharp movements. When a wasp is threatened, it reacts aggressively and releases pheromones that can attract other wasps.

Outdoors, there are ways of ensuring wasps are not actively attracted to a specific area.

  • Keeping any garbage tightly covered
  • Avoiding leaving any food items outdoors
  • Clearing away any fruit that drops from fruit trees and bushes
  • Avoiding the use of yellow and white or using red; like most insects, wasps cannot see the color red
  • Keeping compost piles covered up

Certain natural odors are said to ward off wasps. These include eucalyptus, mint and wormwood. Another natural remedy involves making the wasps believe there is already an existing wasp colony in a given area. Wasps are very territorial and will avoid confrontation with other wasps. A paper bag in the shape of a wasp nest hung in a tree is said to work to keep other wasps away.